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kevin murphy COlOR.ME

The Master of Simplicity. Natual color that is completely wearable that pushes the envelope effortlessly. Rich earth tones of Rose and Copper melt together to highlight the unique texture of your hair. Kevin's products create a dimension between light and shadow. Creative colours are inspired by the depths of nature and give variations in multi-tonal saturation.


the heart of the environment

We use only sulphate free surfactants that effectively cleanse and remove surface oil and dirt, without stripping or depleting the hair of its colour. We use AHAs, or fruit acids, derived from Papaya, Citrus, and Sugar Cane that gently exfoliate the hair surface without drying or depleting the hair. Natural surfactants from the Soap Bark Tree, Quillaja, and other plant-derived sources create rich luxurious lathers that moisturise and nourish the hair.

Kevin Murphy and SALT HAIR are committed to reducing plastic waste in the best way we know how: by cleaning up our oceans and reclaiming that plastic to package our hair products. All bottles are 100% reclaimed Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP).

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